Ravensburger 3D Puzzle – Leaning Tower of Pisa at Night – 216pc – DE / EN

Ravensburger 3D Puzzle – Leaning Tower of Pisa at Night – 216pc – DE / EN


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The world-famous tower for self-puzzling

What it took the medieval construction workers almost 200 years to do, 3D puzzlers can do with a little skill and diligence in a few hours: the construction of the leaning tower of Pisa. There are only a few buildings that have achieved such a reputation worldwide as the landmark of the Italian city of Pisa. As a 3D puzzle, the replica of this world cultural heritage is a great experience – and especially true to detail. The highlight is the integrated LED lighting, the color rendering of which can be adjusted. So the leaning tower of Pisa unfolds all its magic, especially in the dark.

Anyone who sets out to assemble the 216 numbered, individually shaped puzzle pieces and the accessories made of sturdy plastic will get an idea of ​​the efforts that were necessary from 1173 to create this globally unique building. And who would have guessed at the time that the huge tower would be tilted by no less than 4.5 meters? Exactly this fascination spreads when eager puzzlers recreate the tower as a 3D puzzle. The highlight is the light module included in the set. The LED lights let the imposing structure shine either in milky white or in strong colored light. An effect that once again emphasizes the outstanding charisma of this exceptional building and makes it an eye-catcher in every room – especially when it is dark. In this way, the full radiance of its outstanding architecture – and of course its amazing inclination – can be experienced every day in your own four walls.

A real world cultural heritage for your own room.
· 216 numbered plastic puzzle pieces and matching accessories grow into a stable structure
· Including LED light module with two functions: changing colors for a great ambience or true-to-original lighting with white LEDs
· Simple assembly with illustrated instructions guarantees puzzle fun for beginners and advanced users

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